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Why Old Gothic Guttering Is A Popular Choice In Hamilton

Traditional and Stylish

If you are looking for a traditional and stylish way to protect your home from water damage, then look no further than Old Gothic guttering. The Old Gothic profile of guttering, also called OG or Ogee, has a distinct ‘S’ shape, which gives it a more ornate and decorative look than standard guttering.

The Old Gothic shape of the guttering means that it can handle a greater volume of water than many other types of guttering. It is extremely effective at channelling water away from your home and preventing it from causing any damage. This makes it ideal for areas that experience a lot of rainfall.

The S-shape also means that the gutters are less likely to become blocked with leaves and other debris.

It is a popular choice for both domestic and commercial properties as it is both attractive and functional.

Benefits of Old Gothic Spouting

There are many benefits to choosing Old Gothic or Ogee guttering for your home, including:

  • Improved aesthetics – as mentioned above, Old Gothic guttering can really enhance the look of your home and make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Better protection – the ‘S’ shape of ogee guttering means that it can channel water away from your home more effectively, helping to protect it from water damage.
  • Increased durability – ogee guttering is made from tough and durable materials, meaning that it can withstand the elements and last for many years.
  • Easy to install – ogee guttering is relatively easy and affordable to install.
  • Low maintenance – once installed, Old Gothic guttering requires very little maintenance and will continue to look great for years to come.

Old Gothic Enhances Modern Homes

While OG guttering provides a more traditional look, and has been used to match bungalows, villas and colonial style houses, it also adds a classic style to modern homes.

It remains one of the most popular choices in Hamilton and Waikato.

Fine Line’s Old Gothic guttering is made from ColorCote pre-painted steel and aluminiumwhich is very durable and low-maintenance. ColorCote gutters will not rust or rot, and they are come in a multi-layered protective finish that can be matched to any colour scheme.

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