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Spouting & Guttering Technical Documents

Sometimes its helpful to do a deep dive into the technical specifications to help you decide which product to choose. As always, feel free to send us a message or call us to find out more.

ColorCote have 40 colours available so that you can choose the right colour for your spouting.

Your spouting colour can be paired with popular Resene colours. Whites & creams, greys, blues & greens, or reds and browns.

Download ColorCote's Roof Viewer app, take a photo of your house, and begin choosing the colour for your new spouting today!

ColorCote provide pre-painted steel and aluminium spouting that has been designed to survive the harshest conditions New Zealand can throw at them. 

This includes spouting for severe coastal or even geothermal conditions.

Make sure you choose the roofing and spouting materials that have been designed for atmospheric conditions where you live.

Potable Water Compliance

Potable Water Compliance

In recent years many homes have started collecting rainwater for household use. Using your spouting to collect rainwater for drinking purposes is often due to being in areas with no town supply, but also due to environmental concerns.

ColorCote's spouting materials meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4020:2018 and are suitable for the
collection of drinking water.

Spouting made from Alumiguard provides you with the toughest durability and colour retention available.

Alumiguard spouting is made from marine grade aluminium and will not rust - ever!

It is perfect for marine or coastal areas, as well as geothermal environments.

Magna Flow is an incredibley innovative coating that "heals" the cuts that are made while fitting your spouting.

This provides your spouting with amazing corroson resistance due to a thick magnesium-containing metallic coating that is ummatched in New Zealand.  It is also ideal for industrial applications with optional additional protective coatings.

Zina Core spouting is perfect for most moderate environments, and is protected with a hot-dipped aluminium/zinc alloy coating.

Spouting made with Zina Core is coated with special infrared reflective pigments, making it extremely durable. It protects against UV damage and provides excellent gloss and colour retention.

New Zealand's Best Warranty

No other roofing or spouting company in New Zealand offer the peace of mind than ColorCote. This is the number one reason Fine Line recommend ColorCote, as we want you to get the best warranty available.

ColorCote are so confident in both the quality of their manufacturing process, and their paint finish, that they offer a 10-15 year warranty.

Guttering and Downpipes 

  • 10 year warranty for the paint finish
  • 10-12 year warranty against perforation*


  • 10 year warranty for the paint finish*
  • 15 year warranty against perforation*

* terms and conditions apply

The actual length of the warranty you recieve will depend on where you leave, and the environmental conditions. There are also maintenance requirements that will effect eligibility, as you would expect. 

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Fine Line are experts at installing fascia and spouting, and know which product is best for your situation. We have considerable experience within our team for even the toughest installations.

We also do respouts, repairs and complete conversions.

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