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At Fineline our tradesman are experienced and fully specialised, we can give you an honest opinion on the condition of your spouting and fascia and offer advice if replacement or repair is necessary.


Spouting and fascia preforms the important function of draining thousand of litres of water off the roof and away from the foundation of your home or building. 

Since spouting catches rain right off the roof it also prevents the rain run-off from splashing against your windows and exterior cladding, extending the life of both.

Having the correct spouting and fascia is important for the structural integrity of your building.  

Spouting and fascia protects other area’s like ceilings, insulation, window frames, doors, footings and foundations. 

In addition to the structural role of fascia and spouting, it also plays an important role in your property’s aesthetic appeal.


Fine Line tradesman are specialists in providing repair or replacement services for both Internal and external fascia and spouting systems.

CONVERSIONS -  An alternative to respouting an internal system is to complete a conversion from an internal system to an external fascia and spouting system. We can assess and provide advice around if this is an appropriate alternative for you.


Our work is guaranteed for 5 years workmanship and our Colorcote products come with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee. 

Fine Line provide all types of continuous spouting installation and replacement, and "made to measure" onsite spouting is at the core of our business!  We take pride in ensuring that your spouting and guttering fit your home or building exactly. 

Colorcote and ColourSteel are durable products made to withstand the toughest of NZ weather conditions. With the right maintenance and care, your spouting will continue to look great and perform perfectly for decades to come.

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